Our Approach

The Global Research Center is committed to supporting internationally competitive research. With a view to continuing growth and the investment of the College’s resources, Global Research Center will target its investment into a wide array of topics that intersect between business, management, social sciences and security.

The Center’s aim is to produce high quality knowledge intended for academic and industrial purposes, under various formats, including a journal, conferences and professional development courses.

The Global Research Center aims to disseminate produced knowledge to academic and commercial audience as well as to the general public.

Global College Research Team


Dr. Leandros Savvides

Co-ordinator of Global College Business Management Administration
Chief Editor (Global College Research Center)

George K. Yiapanas

Lecturer in Strategic Management
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Neofytos Karkotis

Research Associate | Lecturer in Law
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Marios Michael

Ermasus + Co-ordinator

Charalambos Kapetanios

Professional Development
nikolas nikolaou

Nikolas Nikolaou

IT Specialist - Coordinator