HRDA funded programs and staff development

GLOBAL College offers subsidized vocational training seminars that take place every six months, with the aim of planning and systematically training and developing the human resources of companies throughout Cyprus, at all levels and in all sectors.

Each employer is required to pay to the Social Insurance Fund a fee which shall not exceed one percent of the   remuneration payable to each of its employees in relation to the granting of such plans for the training of the employees of each business.

Global College is certified by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) as a Certified Vocational Training Centre (CVTC) and a Professional Training Centre (PTC) with approved Vocational Training Structures (VTS) for the evaluation and accreditation of qualifications in the following areas:

1) Automobile Engineering

2) Motorbike/Motorcycle Engineering

3) Vehicle Electrical Systems

4) Installation and Maintenance of Vehicle Parts

5) Automatic Vehicle Operation Control Systems

6) Hairdressing Art

GLOBAL College is an authorized Educational Organization by:

1) The Department of Electromechanical Services of Cyprus for the provision of a training program on the “Vehicle Technicians Training Program” with a certificate of attendance.

2) Department of Road Transport for the licensing of line technical control vehicle trainers.